Privacy policy -

Privacy policy

Website wich is owned by Ltd. stores following user information:
-All the information that users enter on website;
-IP of the users. We collect aforementioned user data in order to provide quality services to our users. uses Google Analytics tools, which gather non private information of the usage of Ltd does not share any stored user information with other parties. Ltd sends to users various e-mails, which are only directly related to services, provided by Ltd to user (e.g. classified ad upload confirmation via e-mail).
If you wish to find out what kind of information Ltd stores about you or if you wish that Ltd. does not store information about you anymore, please contact as via e-mail info[eta] .

Deletion of data

If you would like to delete your account and all the data related to it, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account

  2. Click “Личный кабинет” (My Details) 

  3. Click “Удалить мой профиль” (Delete your account).

Alternatively you can write to us at and we will erase your account and all the data related to it.